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Abdoenrg TNT™

Electrical stimulation. Specifically designed for the abdominal area, it has a complete training and toning function. Stimulate your abds and visibly improve your waist without effort.

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Abdoenrg PULSE™

The compact massage system that can reach any part of your body. 10 power levels. It improves blood circulation and reduces muscle pain thank to bioelectricity.

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Abdoenrg BLAST™

The Abdo NRG Blast electrostimulation belt provides low-frequency massages that help to stimulate the blood flow as well as prevent back and neck pain.

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Abdoenrg WING ™

ABDO ENRG Wing ™ allows to work several muscles at the same time. Includes 6 programmes and 10 intensity levels. Add up to 10 receivers to shape the whole body with no effort.

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Abdoenrg 360 ™

ABDO ENRG 360 ™ carries out a complete training and toning function for the whole body.

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